Industry Update

Persistence Market Research projects that the global consumer electronics market is likely to follow stellar growth in the next few years. During the four-year forecast period 2016-2020, revenues of the global consumer electronics market are expected to reach US$ 2.9 Billon in 2020, registering a CAGR of over 15%.  The worldwide smart phone market is predictably expected to drive a large part of that growth but did you know that the audio and smart home segments are expected to post double digit growth by 2020 as well?  In fact, several leading market research firms are projecting over 20% growth in the same period for smart home devices.  Voice recognition, wireless networked and intelligent learning devices are at the core of that growth.  For the last several years, Hansong has been building a solid foundation to participate in that growth.  We have strengthened our R&D resources in wireless, voice technologies, user interface and app creation.  Of course, at their core are high quality audio and video features to set your product line above the rest.   We now have multiple product platforms in mass production demonstrating these strengths.  Partner with us and let’s work together to create the next generation of enabled products to catch this wave of growth. Visit us at http://hansongtechnology.com/products-and-solutions/ and http://hansongtechnology.com/capabilities/ to see what we have been up to.